Secrets of Antarctica

Secrets Of Antarctica – The Lost Origins of Civilization?

For centuries, myths and legends from ancient cultures around the world have hinted at the existence of an advanced prehistoric civilization located in the Antarctic region. Could the frozen continent at the bottom of the globe hold secrets to the true origins of human civilization, predating the rise of well-known cradles in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus Valley? Now let’s explore the secrets of Antarctica.

Antarctica - The Lost Origins of Civilization?

Many stories and myths across many cultures tell about an ancient civilization in the South Pole. The ancient Greeks, for example, had the legend of Hyperborea, a land of perpetual sunlight.

The Greek historian Hecataeus, around 500 BC, said the holy place of the Hyperboreans was built “after the pattern of the spheres” and located on “an island in the ocean” beyond the lands of the Celts. Popular accounts claim Apollo’s temple at Delphi was founded by individuals from Hyperborea. The Greek lyric poet Alcaeus, around 600 BC, sang of Apollo’s journey to the land of the Hyperboreans in a swan-drawn chariot.

The wearing of star-embroidered robes was a custom traced to the Hyperboreans, symbolizing the heavenly sphere mirroring the earthly one. These robes, embroidered with the sun, moon, and stars on blue silk, were worn by kings like Julius Caesar and Roman emperors. Archaeological finds like statuettes in Yugoslavia depict the “Hyperborean Apollo” in swan-drawn chariots, wearing rayed crowns and star-embroidered robes. These parallel mythologies shared across cultures suggest they may reflect historical facts rather than mere imagination.

The 1938 Nazi Expedition to Antarctica

In 1938, Nazi Germany sent a large expedition to Antarctica’s Queen Maud Land that included scientists, military units, and construction crews. They reportedly discovered a network of underground rivers and caves, with one cave over 20 miles deep containing a geothermal lake. Construction crews built a massive underground base there, called Base 211 or New Berlin, hosting the SS, the Thule Society, occult groups, and others. Some claim the Germans found abandoned alien technology or made contact with extraterrestrials who taught them advanced technology like anti-gravity aircraft. Though not ready for World War II, it’s theorized this base and technology manufacturing capability may still exist as part of a plot for a future “New World Order.”

The 15th Century Piri Reis Map of an Ice-Free Antarctica

In 1929, a 15th-century map by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis was discovered, showing Antarctica in unprecedented detail despite the continent not being officially discovered until 1773 by Captain Cook. Incredibly, it depicts Antarctica as ice-free even though studies suggest the last time it could have been so was 4000 BC. This prompted wild theories that the map’s accuracy could only have come from advanced extraterrestrial help.

Here’s the List of Major Scientific Discoveries in Antarctica According to National Geographic:

  1. Dinosaur Fossils: In the mid-1980s and early 1990s, scientists discovered multiple sets of fossilized dinosaur remains, establishing that dinosaurs lived in Antarctica as far back as 200 million years ago and as recently as 75-80 million years ago.
  2. Meteorite Evidence of Ancient Mars Life: In 1996, a potato-sized meteorite that originated on Mars and landed in Antarctica 13,000 years ago was found to contain what appeared to be fossilized specimens of ancient microbial life on Mars.
  3. Deep Subglacial Valley: Using radar to probe beneath the ice of West Antarctica, scientists in 2014 discovered a massive valley nearly 200 miles long, 15 miles wide, and 2 miles deep – deeper than the Grand Canyon – hidden under the ice.
  4. Life Under the Ice Shelf: Drilling over 2,400 feet into Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf in 2015, researchers surprisingly discovered tiny fish and other aquatic creatures living in the low-sunlight waters under the thick ice.
  5. Ancient Link to North America: In 2008, chemical analysis of a single granite boulder found on an Antarctic glacier supported the theory that parts of Antarctica were once connected to North America in the ancient supercontinent Rodinia 1-1.2 billion years ago.
  6. Active Undersea Volcano: In 2004, a research ship investigating the Larsen B ice shelf collapse unexpectedly detected a previously unknown 2,300-foot tall underwater volcano recently active near the Antarctic Peninsula.
  7. Refuge from Mass Extinction: Fossils discovered in Antarctica in 2009 belonged to an egg-laying cat-sized mammal relative that lived 250 million years ago, apparently surviving a mass extinction potentially caused by global warming by relocating south to Antarctica’s cooler climate.
  8. Irreversible Glacier Retreat: In 2014, analyzing 40 years of data on glaciers flowing into Antarctica’s Amundsen Bay, scientists concluded warmer ocean water was irreversibly eroding their fronts, with one glacier potentially vanishing completely within 200-500 years.

While shrouded in speculation, these accounts raise intriguing questions. Could there have been an advanced prehistoric civilization based in Antarctica, before it became the icy frozen desert we know today? Do archaeological or technological secrets from this lost civilization lay hidden and preserved under the ice? Unlocking the mysteries of Antarctica’s ancient past could fundamentally reshape our understanding of where human culture and innovation first took root.

Despite the intriguing ancient myths and historical accounts surrounding Antarctica, several major challenges remain in uncovering the full truth of what may lie hidden beneath the ice.

The extremely cold temperatures make it an inhospitable environment that does not entice archaeological societies to commit significant funding and resources to extensive exploration. Conspiracy theories and unsubstantiated claims also obscure facts, requiring extreme dedication and critical analysis to separate reality from fiction. Perhaps someday further scientific investigation and technological advances will allow us to finally uncover any long-buried secrets the Antarctic ice has concealed for millennia, enabling resolution of these enduring mysteries. But major obstacles of climate, resources, and distinguishing truth from sensationalism persist that must be overcome through perseverance and rigor.



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