The Book of Enoch and "Mermaids"

Mermaids in the Bible: The Shocking Revelations from the Book of Enoch

Do you know mermaids are actually biblical? I will explain what one of the most important missing books from the Bible, The Book of Enoch, says about mermaids and why, throughout history, there have been countless sightings of what is believed to be a mythical creature known as the mermaid. These creatures have been documented in several ancient cultures, with each culture labeling the beings with different names.

However, they each possess the same overt appearance, so we must begin asking ourselves how real these creatures actually are. and when we do, we can find the answer because there is a secret missing book that’s a part of the Bible that speaks about mermaids and who they actually are. Let me explain.

Mermaids in the Bible: The Shocking Revelations from the Book of Enoch
The Book of Enoch and “Mermaids”

There were 2,000-year-old biblical Scrolls found in a cave in Qumran, and these scrolls are known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. These ancient Scrolls contain the biblical text we know of today, including the Book of Genesis and the book of Isaiah, to name a few. However, there was one book that was completely hidden from the Bible for decades. This book is known as The Book of Enoch.

This book adds on to the topics the Holy Bible doesn’t go into depth with, such as the biblical creatures, even creatures such as mermaids, which I’ll be talking about in this article. Also, Enoch himself is Noah’s great-grandfather, so this book is a huge part of the Bible, and the Bible is actually missing this book.

The Book of Enoch answers the questions we all have regarding several subjects in the Holy Bible, and although as a Christian, your mind may be fixated on the current books of the Bible being the only truth, understand that the Book of Enoch was found with the same books in the current Bible, and those in power decided to take this book out of the Bible. That doesn’t mean the Book of Enoch is any less credible; it actually may potentially mean it’s more than we initially thought.

Mermaids in the Bible: The Shocking Revelations from the Book of Enoch
The Fisherman and the Syren Public Domain

Now, let’s take a look at what the Book of Enoch has to say about mermaids. The Book of Enoch mentions a group of mysterious beings, and these beings are what led up to the creation of what we now call mermaids. The story starts off with a group of angels known as the Watchers. These Angels Came To Earth and mated with human women, and this Unholy Union resulted in the biblical Giants we know about in The Book of Genesis.

However, the Watchers, the Nephilim, and the women that mated with the Watchers all paid a price for this Unholy Union. The Watchers were Bound in a place known as Tartarus, the Nephilim were destroyed in a great flood, and the women who mated with the Watchers, well, they were cursed to become mermaids.

What The Book of Enoch Says About Mermaids?

Verse Enoch 19:2 says, “The women also of the Angels who went astray shall become Sirens.” Sirens can be translated into two different creatures: first, we have the Greek siren, which is a half-bird, half-human creature, and then the siren can also be translated to mermaids. However, over time, the word siren has been a title to describe a particular type of mermaid that sings A hypnotic song that lures men off their ships to their watery demise. There is even a show called Siren that is about mermaids.

Originally, mermaids were human women, and this is why in several films they turn into human women; it is because that is their original form, although they can’t turn back into humans since they are cursed, and they’re not anywhere near as beautiful as they’re portrayed, according to firsthand accounts with these creatures. When we dive deeper into the Bible, we can see that this verse is referring to mermaids.

The Bible mentions how in the new Earth, there won’t be any oceans, meaning God views oceans as something Unholy, perhaps for the very purpose of demonic Marine Spirits, better known as mermaids, inhabiting the oceans. Revelation 21:1 says, “Then I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, for the first Heaven and the first Earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.” Now that we know these creatures are biblical, it is pretty obvious these aquatic humanoid creatures survived the great flood. Their natural habitat is water, so that would explain why there are still so many sightings till this day.

The Demonic Mermaids of The Book of Enoch: Sirens of the Deep

The firsthand accounts of these creatures prove these beings are demonic, to say the least. Many people who encounter these beings say they are demonic in nature because they lure people off their boats in the middle of the ocean.

However, they apparently don’t only inhabit the oceans; they inhabit other bodies of water as well, such as lakes and rivers. Mermaids are also known as Marine Spirits. Mermaids have been documented for thousands of years; there is even an ancient Egyptian painting that illustrates a war that happened between humans and mermaids. These creatures are described as having a frightening appearance and also possessing supernatural abilities, particularly hypnotism with their voices and telepathy, which is the ability to communicate mentally without speaking. Most of the time, they are described as having all black eyes, razor-sharp teeth, gills in their face, and webbed fingers. These creatures sparked the folklore surrounding the swamp monsters.

Now, let’s take a look at some of my favorite firsthand accounts regarding these beings. There is a testimony that I find quite intriguing about a woman who, unfortunately, I don’t have the name of, encountering a mermaid, and she said it communicated with her telepathically and said something frightening.

A woman was swimming in a lake while her family was off in the distance cooking at a family event they were throwing. The woman said she got onto this rock near where she was swimming, and in her own words, “Everything went silent, all her family, the birds, the wind, everything went completely silent, and then she saw a mermaid with all black almond-shaped eyes emerge from the water and telepathically told her, ‘I can make you jump in the water.'” She said she began to get frightened, and then the mermaid looked dissatisfied and swam away, vanishing into the depths.

This is a very frightening encounter, considering the abundant amount of testimonies that have a similar story about these creatures making people jump into the depths, and for them never to be seen again. Other cultures believe if you see a mermaid, you’ll become rich, and also there are places where people are believed to literally be taken by these creatures. My final take is, if these creatures have been documented for thousands of years up to now by several cultures worldwide, there is no way that this is just some myth. Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever encountered a mermaid. I would love to hear your stories. Thank you for Reading!


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