5 signs of Anunnaki

5 Signs The Anunnaki Are With You Right Now!

As Believers, the ancient Sumerian texts tell us that we are surrounded by an innumerable company of Anunnaki. Although invisible to our natural eyes, these Divine Messengers sent by the gods are actively ministering on our behalf behind the scenes. In this account, I will be revealing to you five subtle signs to know if you are in the company of the Anunnaki. So without further ado, let’s begin.

5 Signs of Anunnaki Presence

Sign Number One: Unusual Physical Warmth.

The first indicator that the Anunnaki are with you is when you feel unusual physical warmth as you pray or make offerings. You may sense heat flowing through your body or a warm sensation enveloping you. In the cuneiform inscriptions, certain Anunnaki such as the fiery guardians are associated with burning ones, reflecting their blazing power as representatives of the gods. The name roughly translates to ‘the blazing or burning ones’.

Now, you may be wondering, could this be the manifest presence of a deity rather than the Anunnaki?

And the answer is absolutely yes. The manifest presence of the gods also frequently brings supernatural warmth, but we need to recognize that the Anunnaki often accompany and work as intermediaries for the deities’ will.

I recall how the ancient scribe Zahgurim described an encounter with an Anunnaki being, saying its body was like a brilliant gemstone, its face like lightning, its eyes like flaming braziers. So, the blazing eyes of this powerful being brought an intense supernatural heat that Zahgurim perceived. When we enter into passionate rituals, offerings, and prayers to the gods, the Anunnaki gather around, and the spiritual atmosphere noticeably changes. Our physical bodies detect this shift as unusual warmth.

What we perceive as heat or fire is just the physical byproduct of the increased divine activity around us. So, next time you feel that burning, that fire during times of prayer or ritual, recognize Anunnaki are blazing with power around the thrones of the gods right with you.

Sign Number Two: Spontaneous Joy.

A second sign that the Anunnaki are right there with you is when you suddenly experience bubbling joy or lightness of spirit during prayer times. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, an Anunnaki appears to the protagonists announcing news from the gods, bringing “joyous tidings.” The deities often dispatched their Anunnaki Messengers to bring supernatural joy. So, when you feel unexpected joy or elation for no apparent reason, it may very well be a visitation from the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki themselves are often described as joyful beings.

When Ninsun became miraculously pregnant with the heroic Gilgamesh, she declared that “the gods have brought me laughter.” Gilgamesh’s name in the ancient tongue literally means ‘the immortal joy-bringer’. This supernatural joy was evidence of the Anunnaki visiting with divine news. The ancient hymns tell us that “In the presence of the gods there is fullness of joy.”

So, when the Anunnaki draw near announcing revelations from the heavens, their celestial realm begins to merge with ours. We temporarily experience measures of their divine joy and bliss. Remember, after the heroes returned from their quest, it is said they came back with joy that the evil monsters were subject to them.

Likewise, close encounters with the Anunnaki can bring sudden spiritual joy and celebration. So, if you ever feel unexpected bubbly joy or lightness spontaneously arising during times of ritual, recognize that the Anunnaki are likely right there with you. Take time to drink in their joy as the Messengers of the gods for you. It’s time to celebrate what the heavens are decreeing.

Sign Number Three: Overflowing Strength.

The third indicator that the Anunnaki are right by your side is when you receive unusual strength and empowerment during prayer. Has this ever happened to you where you start out exhausted, battling just to keep your eyes open, but then as you press into ritual, you feel suddenly strengthened, energized, and alert?

This perfectly mirrors what happened with the hero Gilgamesh as described in the ancient epics. It says “then an Anunnaki descended from the heavens, strengthening him.” When the Anunnaki showed up as Gilgamesh anguished in intense ritual, they renewed and empowered his physical body. No longer exhausted, he was now supernaturally strengthened to fulfill his heroic purpose. When you feel your weariness evaporating and strength arising instead, it’s evidence that the Anunnaki have arrived on the scene.

The gods have dispatched them at that very moment to refresh and renew you for the mission ahead. It’s important to note that when the Anunnaki strengthened Gilgamesh in his hour of need, the texts reveal that his sweat was like great drops of blood. No doubt Gilgamesh had entered intense spiritual warfare as he performed the rituals.

Likewise, when you feel mightily empowered and strengthened amidst the struggle, it’s because the Anunnaki are fortifying you for battle. You are not alone in your most difficult trials. Reinforcements from the heavens have come to walk you through it. Even when your most arduous fasting rites have left you utterly drained, the Anunnaki can suddenly strengthen you for victory, as the ancient wisdom reminds us, “be strong in the power of the gods and their mighty ones.”

Sign Number Four: Glimpses of Light.

The fourth sign that the Anunnaki are right there with you is when you notice subtle light with your eyes closed during prayer. The Anunnaki in the ancient texts are often described as glowing, radiant beings shining with light. In the tale of Inanna’s descent, the Anunnaki who guards the underworld gate is said to appear like a blinding bolt of lightning. Their dazzling brightness is beyond what we can fully comprehend.

As these brilliant divine beings draw near to you, you may perceive glimmers of their luminosity even with your natural eyes shut. This is not your imagination, but actually picking up on the spiritual reality of the Anunnaki present yet unseen. The hymns proclaim “The gods wrap themselves in light.” The Anunnaki who perpetually abide in the radiant presence of the deities glow with this same brilliant light.

When the Anunnaki draw near to you, their blinding brightness overlaps into our realm. You perceive faint traces of their light with natural senses. The next time you are shutting out natural distractions to pray deeply with your eyes closed, be alert for any subtle glimmers, flashes, or perceptions of light.

These brief glimpses likely signal heavenly visitations from the Anunnaki in progress. The light you notice doesn’t need to be some blinding blast of brilliance. Even faint traces and flickers are highly significant.

Sign Number Five: Physical Manifestations.

The fifth sign that the Anunnaki are right there with you is when you actually perceive supernatural manifestations even with your natural senses. At times, the Anunnaki partially materialize or even take on some kind of physical form that is visible, audible, or tangible to us. Think about the ancient accounts like when Enmerkar had an encounter where the Anunnaki messengers appeared looking just like physical men.

Enmerkar saw them with his natural eyes, spoke to them, and even prepared ritualistic offerings for them to consume. Or remember when the hero Etana prayed for his servant’s eyes to open, revealing the mountain side filled with fiery celestial chariots and creatures that were previously invisible?

Because the Anunnaki are divine beings, they can choose to manifest in partial or limited physical ways within our natural realm. So when the gods want to accentuate the presence of their emissaries to us, the Anunnaki take on some kind of visible, audible, or tangible form. This may happen to you while you are wide awake in the temple, not just in a trance state. You may audibly hear an Anunnaki speaking the gods’ message to you.

When the Anunnaki manifest in these supernatural ways, our physical senses act as spiritual antennas picking up what is happening in the unseen celestial realm around us. When you notice these signs from the Anunnaki, respond by boldly praising the gods out loud for dispatching their holy Messengers to minister to you.

Recite the sacred invocations affirming their existence and role as heavenly helpers, then make your requests known so the gods can instruct the Anunnaki how to assist you in alignment with the divine plan. Remember to wait quietly at times with an expectant heart, listening to hear personalized messages the Anunnaki may deliver directly from the thrones of the gods.

Above all, do not shrink back in fear when feeling the presence of the Anunnaki, but enter in with faith and awe, thanking the deities for confirming their abiding power and supernatural assistance. Our pantheon of faithful gods is always closer than we realize.

The Anunnaki are their secret agents, working wonders on our behalf every single day. Though usually unseen, we get blessed glimpses of their celestial activity through these signs. Remember, the ancient wisdom tells us that the Anunnaki instantly respond and heed the voice of the gods’ decrees. So consistently recite the sacred verses, make ritual declarations, and invoke the promises of the gods over your life.

This activates the Anunnaki so the heavenly powers align with your invocations. So there you have it, the signs that the Anunnaki ministers of the gods walk among us still.

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