Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?

Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?

Today we will know about the shocking truth about Abraham’s alien origins with the Anunnaki lords from the planet Nibiru. This mind-blowing tale reveals how the Anunnaki Enlil chose Abraham to defeat the rival Enkiite faction led by Enki in an ancient extraterrestrial battle for control of Earth’s gold mines and the Sinai Spaceport.

Enlisted by a vision from the Galactic Federation’s emissary Galzu, the hybrid human-Anunnaki Abraham obeyed Enlil’s orders to conquer Canaan, stop the Enkiite Marduk’s son Nabu from capturing the spaceport, and keep the regions stretching from Egypt to Mesopotamia under Enlilite control.

Discover how Enlil, revered by Abraham as Yahweh, used nuclear weapons against the defiant cities, gave Abraham’s promised lands to his son Isaac over Ishmael, and branded his Earthling followers through circumcision – setting the stage for the birth of modern monotheistic religions

The Anunnaki and the Goldmining Operation on Earth

Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?
Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?

The Anunnaki did not consider themselves gods. They told us to call them “Lords,” and later, to worship them as though they were gods. General Abraham slavishly obeyed the Nibiran Enlil, Commander of the goldmining expedition from the planet Nibiru to Earth.

Enlil hid the vision that led him to choose Abraham as the general of his cavalry. Abraham descended from our hybrid Homo Erectus-Nibiran-Homo sapien ancestors who slaved for the Nibirans. Nibiran scientists on Earth–Enki, Ninmah, and Ningishzidda created our species. Their fellow mining personnel trained us hybrids to serve them in their temples, gardens, harems, and armies. Abraham descended directly from Ziusudra (Noah), the son of Nibiran Chief Scientist Enki and Ziusudra’s son Shem.

The Conflict Between Enki Vs Enlil

In 8650 BCE Enlil ordered Shem’s descendants to rule Canaan, the area north of the Sinai Spaceport. But descendants of Shem’s brother Ham, whom Enlil ordered to stay to the south and west–in Africa (the rival Enkiite lineage’s area) took the Canaan strip of the Arabian Peninsula.

Enkiites Marduk and his son Nabu made allies among these Hamites for Marduk’s push to wrest the Sinai Spaceport from Enlil’s son’s son, Utu, Enlil’s boss of the astronauts and scientists running the spaceport.

Choosing Abraham as General

Enlil chose Abraham, a Royal of Ur, who had married his half-sister, Princess Sarai (her name’s later changed to SARAH) as his principal Earthling agent. Abraham descended from Ziusudra’s son Shem and was perfect to re-establish Enlil’s rule of Canaan, protect Sinai, and rule the Hamites.

Abraham’s father Terah served as High Priest in charge of Astronomical knowledge at the temple of Enlil’s son Nannar in Sumer’s capital, Ur. Terah trained their son Abraham for unquestioned obedience to Enlil.

Enlil ran the gold transshipment to Nibiru and led the ENLILITES, the dominant lineage on Earth. Enlilites were the senior lineage in Nibiru’s Royal Clan descended from Nibiru’s King ANU.

Enlil commissioned Abraham to defeat the hybrid armies of Enlil’s rivals–the ENKIITE lineage (also within the Anu clan) on Earth. The Enkiites were led by Enlil’s half-brother Enki, Enki’s son Marduk, and their descendants.

Enlil ordered Abraham to regain control of Canaan and keep Marduk and the Enkiites from the Spaceport.

A vision from GALZU, Emissary of the Galactic Federation motivated Enlil to commission Abraham as his top general. Galzu ordered Enlil to choose Abraham, programmed to obey Enlil, to stop advances and preaching in Canaan and the Mediterranean ports by Marduk’s son NABU (also known as Ensag) that could win the Sinai Spaceport for the Enkiites. Enlil kept his vision secret, but chose Abraham to rule “all the lands from the border of Egypt to the border of Mesopotamia.” [Wars: 289 – 297]

Abraham’s Military Campaigns

In 2095 BCE, to give Abraham a base, Enlil ordered him and Terah to HARRAN [Turkey] at the foothills of the Taurus Mountains near the Syrian Border, where the Euphrates flowed to Ur. Abraham’s base, Harran, dominated trade with Hatti, the land of the HITTITES, on whose trade Sumer depended. Harran straddled the trade and military land routes to the Sinai Spaceport as well.

Enlil gave Abraham land and riches until he was the richest man of his time. In 2048 BCE Enlil ordered him to Canaan and to save Sinai . The Commander bought Abraham the best chariots, finest horses, 380 well-trained soldiers and weapons that “could smite an army of ten thousand men in hours.” Enlil sent Abraham, then 75 years old, and his nephew Lot to the Negev drylands bordering the Sinai [End of Days: 73].

Dealings with the Egyptians

In 2047 BCE Enlil sent Abraham and Lot to Egypt for more men and camels. Abraham’s wife, Sarah, was “very beautiful. Abraham asked Sarah to say that she was only his sister lest the Egyptians kill him so that they can take her.” Pharaoh Zoan wanted Sarah. He showered Abraham with gifts of livestock and servants so Abraham would give him Sarah. Abraham let Pharaoh put her in his harem. This enraged Enlil.

So Enlil sent a plague [he loosed germs on Egypt] to punish Pharaoh for taking Sarah, though Abraham told Pharaoh Sarah was his sister and hadn’t told him that Sarah was his wife.

When Zoan learned Sarah was Abraham’s wife, he returned her to him. Zoan feared Enlil would harm Egypt further if Abraham stayed there. The Pharaoh gave Abraham the Egyptian Princess Hagar as a second wife and ordered him, Sarah, Hagar and Abraham’s cavalry out of Egypt with all the wealth Abraham had acquired there.

Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?
Sarah taken to Pharaoh

Campaigns in Canaan

In 2041 BCE Abraham and his cavalry blocked the Elamite cavalry from the Spaceport. The Elamites had overrun Sumer while Ninurta worked with his brother Adad/Viracocha in Peru, where they built an alternate Enlilite airstrip on the Nazca plains atop the Andes. Abraham rescued Lot, whom the Elamites, as they retreated west of the Jordan River, had taken hostage from the Nabu-friendly city of Sodom.

Enlil, as a reward to Abraham for his help controlling Canaan, promised him, at age 86, countless descendants. But old Sarah didn’t conceive with him. So she told him to beget a child with Hagar.

After the nuclear cloud killed Sumer and Abraham emigrated Canaan. There, Abraham offered old wife Sarah to the pro-Enlil King Abimelech of Gerar. Abraham told Abimelech, “She’s my sister.”

After the Enlilites nuked Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, Zeblim, and the Salt Sea, Abraham moved to Canaan, but to avoid the hills overlooking the region whose populace he’d identified for the bombing, he moved south, to Gerar, the realm of King Abimelech.

Abraham told Abimelech, as he had Egypt’s pro-Enlilite Pharaoh Zoan, that Sarah was his sister. “Abraham’s concern was not because Sarah looked like a young beauty at 90 years of age; it was because Abimelech was one of the richest and most influential men of the region. In that day, a harem was more a political statement than a romantic statement.”

Abraham offered Sarah to Abimelech.

“However, Enlil made Sarah infertile, and though she lived awhile in Abimelech’s harem she didn’t conceive. Enlil visited Abimelech in a dream, told him the truth and, acknowledged Abimelech’s innocence. Abimelech complained to Abraham, who said he didn’t exactly lie, since Sarah was his half-sister. Enlil made Abimelech restore Sarah to Abraham.

Abimelech apologized to Abraham and gave him livestock and servants. The King told Abraham to live anywhere in Gerar. Abimelech also gave 1000 pieces of silver, livestock and servants to Abraham.

When Abimelech’s men took the well at Beersheba from Abraham, he complained to Abimelech, who apologized. Abraham then set aside seven ewes as to signify that he dug the well.

Abimelech made Abraham swear an oath of non-aggression towards him and his family, to which Abraham agreed. Abraham planted a tamarisk tree there in memory.”

Of Earthlings loyal to the Enlilites (Ninurta, Nannar, Adad, Utu, and Inanna), only Abraham and his cavalry survived. His band lived because Enlil had sent it to the Negev and Canaan to guard Sumer from Marduk’s forces in Egypt and Lebanon. Enlil wanted his surviving Earthlings branded.

Enlil ordered Abraham, then 99, and his male followers to cut off their foreskins to make their phalluses like those of the Nibirans and to mark them as loyal to the Enlilites. He told Abraham that after circumcision, “Unto thy seed have I given this land from the brook of Egypt [Nile] until the River Euphrates.”

Abraham: Obedient General in an Ancient Alien Anunnaki War for Gold?
Source: Circumcision in Egypt

Abraham’s aged Principal Wife and half-sister, Sarah, thought herself too old to conceive an heir for Abraham, so she told him to beget a child with Hagar, the Egyptian princess the Pharaoh had given him. Abraham raised IS-MAEL, the son Hagar bore, as his heir, due–all thought–to rule Canaan.

Abraham raised IS-MAEL, the son Hagar bore, as his heir, due–all thought–to rule Canaan.

But Enlil altered Sarah so she could conceive, following the Anunnaki preference for men to marry their half-sisters. The boy Sarah would bear, Enlil told Abraham, must replace Is-Mael, Abraham’s son with Hagar.

In 2025 B.C., when Sarah bore Isaac in Canaan, she told Abraham, “Rid us of that slave woman. Her son never shall the inheritance of my son Isaac share.”

Enlil agreed. He told Abraham, “Heed Sarah. Your descendants shall spring from Isaac. Ishmael, son of the maidservant too shall a nation begat, for Ishmael too springs from you.” Enlil told Abraham “Evict Hagar you must.” Enlil thus tested Abraham’s loyalty and drove a wedge between him and Hagar.

Abraham gave Hagar bread and a water skin and left her and Ishmael in the Beersheeba wilderness.

No sooner had Hagar been left to die in the desert, than Enlil rescued her. He showed her a well, saved her and Is-mael, won “her undivided loyalty.”

.Some of Abraham’s descendants settled in Medina; there they called Enlil-Yahweh (or Marduk, posing as Yahweh) “Allah.” Ishmael became the genitor of the Arabs who to this day compete with the descendants of Isaac for Palesine-Canaan. [Hazelton, 1st Muslim:175].


When Isaac grew, the apple of old Abraham’s eye, to adulthood, Enlil decided to test whether Abraham still obeyed.  Enlil told Abraham to take Isaac to a distant mountain, far from the eyes of others, and murder him in cold blood.  Better there were no witnesses around to add to the growing discontent among humans to the gods.” Abraham and Isaac “came to the place Enlil told him. Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood and bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar atop the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.”

But an Emissary of Enlil appeared and said, “Do not stretch out your hand against the lad, for now I know that you fear god since you have not withheld your son from Me. Because you have not withheld your son, indeed I will greatly bless you and I will greatly multiply your seed and your seed shall possess the gate of their enemies because you have obeyed My voice.’”

“Abraham passed the test;” he’d do anything Yahweh/Enlil asked.  Enlil told everyone about his favorite Earthling, Abraham.   Tribal chiefs, kings and priests came to curry Abraham’s favor “and suck up to him to avoid his patron’s “acts of vengeance.” [Encounters: 259, 288; Slave Species: 202, 212, 234 – 236; Genesis, 21:10 -14]

Isaac, the child Yahweh had implanted in Sarah, came to rule Abraham’s people in Canaan. Joseph, Isaac’s grandson, got the Egyptian pharaoh to make him Egypt’s Overseer.  Overseer Joseph took in the Israelites from Canaan.  In time Israelite refugees multiplied to over 600,000.  They faced new pharaohs allied with Yahweh’s rival, Anunnaki Prince Marduk (Satan). 

How Moses Delivered Enlil’s Old Testament Religion?

Moses–a Jew descended from Abraham on his mother’s side, an Egyptian prince on his father’s side, started Judaism as a religion.

Enlil Told Moses, “Take Jacob’s People to Canaan”

In 1450 BCE Enlil told Moses, “Show the Pharoh magic.  Tell him to let my people go.”
Pharaoh Amenhotep knew that if he let the Israelites go, they’d ally with their Mitanni kinsmen against Marduk-ruled Egypt.  So instead Amenhotep ordered each Israelite make three times more bricks per day. To get Pharaoh to let them go, Enlil said he hit Egypt with plagues, infestations, cattle diseases, darkness and weather chaos Nibiru’s nearing created. 

The Kobrin Bible details devastation Enlil claimed he wrought on Egypt. The Old Testament spins the disasters into a tale of Yahweh’s execution of all non-Israelite firstborn children and cows in Egypt.

In 1433 BCE, Pharaoh told the Israelites, “Go,” then sent chariots after them.  Enlil, whose astronomical computers showed him exactly how the Red Sea drained and refilled as Nibiru now neared Earth, guided the Israelite exodus.

Swerdlow relates what he studied in CIA documents about the disturbances that led Moses and his followers to get out of Egypt: “In 15,000 BCE, a comet struck the Atlantic Ocean.  It created the Straits of Gibraltar and the Baltic Sea.”  The flood from the comet strike separated Ireland and Britain as well Denmark, Norway and Sweden.  “Entire city-states in Greece were destroyed in minutes.  Minoan Civilization [Crete’s] was wiped off the map.  The Red Sea separated.

“The 10 plagues in Egypt were the result of asteroids hitting the area, causing fires and vermin to swarm.” [214: 49-50]

For forty years, Enlil led Moses and the Israelites through the desert to the edge of Sinai.  The distance between Egypt and Jerico (Ariha in Syria) is but 750 kilometers, some 52 hours (7 days)

Nights, Yahweh led Moses’ mob with a “fiery beacon;” days, with a dark cloud.  He fed the Israelites and protected them from Amalekites.

Enlil demanded they kill 3000 of their number who worshiped other Anunnaki.  He made them execute 23,000 for sex before they married. [Exodus 32:26-28; Corinthians 10:8; Divine:295].

In 1394 BCE, a comet hit Earth, disintegrated, made day last 20 hours as Joshua and the Israelites attacked the Canaanites near Beth-Horon.  Simultaneously, on the side of the Earth opposite Canaan, the comet also delayed sunrise 20 hours in the Andes.

In 1383 BCE Enlil landed his aircraft on Mt. Sinai and ordered Moses up the mountain.  There Moses heard Enlil’s orders.  He came down Mt. Sinai and relayed Enlil’s orders to the Israelites.  Then Enlil with an amplifier, told the Israelites, Obey or die.

Enlil again flew to the mountaintop, ordered Moses up.  He gave Moses plans for a Yahweh-temple in Jerusalem and told him how to build an Ark–a box for a communication unit.  With the Ark, Moses’ brother Aaron and his priest-lineage could message Enlil, pose questions, and get “Yes” or “No” answers.

Enlil told Moses to store the monoatomic gold (with which he’d been medicating the Israelites) in the Ark to lighten it.  The Ark weighed many tons. It may have housed a small nuclear reactor.  Also, to stow in the Ark, Enlil gave Moses stone tablets with commandments.  Enlil had probably manufactured the tablets with something like our emerging reduplicative computing technology.

Moses told the Israelites what Enlil wanted.  He gave Moses orders engraved in stone.  Moses, however, in a fit of rage and murder, destroyed the engravings and the Israelites who’d made a golden calf to propitiate Enlil.

Enlil then had Moses engrave another set of rules.   Enlil then landed his rocket atop the mount and, with an amplifier he spoke directly to 600,000 Israelites at the mountain’s base.  They must, he said, reject all other Nibiran gods, not even say their names.   They must spend every seventh day worshiping him and subjugate women and kids, as well as refrain from murder, adultery, theft and false witness.  They must not, he said, crave others’ homes, wives, Earthlings and property.        

For forty days on the peak he either regaled Moses on his spaceship with projections or rocketed him up so he could see and report the Earth was curved–something Earthlings of his day did not know. [DoHerarty, J., Did Enki Give Humans Knowledge?]          

Enlil then landed his rocket on the mount and, with an amplifier, told, the people what he wanted.  They had to say they’d obey.  He had Moses make a temple and a box (an “Ark of the Covenant”) that sported two gold cherubs) for tablets of his orders.  Above a drawer in the Ark, Moses built a Talk-To-Enlil communicator.  Moses returned to the Israelites, glowed with radiation from Enlil’s aircraft. 

Moses died before reaching the Promised Land, but his general, Joshua, led the Israelites there. When they crossed the Jordan River, Enlil “parted the waters” with HAARP-type technology so the Israelites could cross [Journeys: 193].

Enlil’s tablets commanded the Israelites to reject all other Nibiran gods, spend every seventh day worshiping him, subjugate women and kids, forgo murder, adultery, theft and false witness.  They must not crave others’ homes, wives, slaves and property. [Tellinger: African Temples: 86]

Akhenaten (Amenophis IV) inherited Egypt’s throne in 1373 BCE.  Bouge and Evans think Akhenaten may be Moses; they Moses’ identity as a royal (Hatsushep) raised but whom Joseph’s daughter Tiye had borne. Akhenaten may even have been an extraterrestrial Conehead [Capensis] rather than an Anunnaki, or he may have been an Anunnaki variant, since the literature doesn’t reference his elongated skull. 

Akhenaten preached that Nibiru’s next nearing would “usher in a time of peace and benevolence to all.” He moved Egypt’s capital from Thebes to Tell-el-Amarna. In a temple there, he displayed the ben-ben–perhaps a space capsule with an intact communication device, a remote-viewing booth, a holographic display, an actual transporter, or just an object of veneration–from an Anunnaki rocket.

Akhenaten had Egyptians follow his “Star Religion and worship Nibiru. Ra-Marduk’s priests in Thebes drove him from office and resumed Egypt’s loyalty to Ra.

King Kadashman-Enlil of Babylon expected Nibiru’s return soon.  In 1260, he changed Babylon’s Marduk-worship to Enlil- and Adad-worship. [End: 178]

In turbulent times as all awaited Nibiru’s nearing, migrants and invaders flooded western Asia, Asia Minor, the Mediterranean coast and Arabia.  The invaders known as “Peoples of the Sea” or Philistines, repulsed in Egypt, invaded Canaan and settled the southern plain. 

Enlil choose Saul then David to rule in Israel. David killed the Igigi half-breeds in Hebron and made himself King of the Israelites there.

He established his identity as Enlil-Yahweh’s man. 

David brought Enlil’s Ark on a cart into his fights with the Philistines.  An Israelite soldier who tried to steady the cart was radiated and died.  At one point, the Philistines captured the Ark.  Radiation from the ark killed its captors and all near it, so they returned it to David. [Journeys: 194]

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