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Why Michael Lee Hill’s Anunnaki Encounter Was Silenced?

For years, Michael Lee Hill has been at the forefront of uncovering the truth behind the unexplained UFO phenomena occurring over Lake Erie. His groundbreaking encounters, including an alleged meeting with the Anunnaki King Marduk, sparked intense interest from media outlets and researchers alike.

However, as Hill attempted to share his experiences with the world through a Spike TV documentary and the Pythagoras Conference, he faced a series of baffling roadblocks and cancellations. This article delves into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the suppression of Hill’s efforts, raising questions about censorship, potential cover-ups, and the powerful forces at play determined to keep the Lake Erie UFO secrets under wraps

The Enigmatic Lake Erie: A Hotbed of UFO Activity

There is always a weird feeling about Lake Erie. The Great Lakes in America and Canada have always been a subject of ‘supernatural’ discussions. Many people have said to spotted UFOs over Lake Erie, Ships have sunk with crew members and all, and strange lights have been seen over the lakes for at least over a hundred years. Sailors and people living by the lakes have a great respect for them.

This Great Lake Erie has probably created the most controversy of all time. Not only because of what I told in “Michael Lee Hill’s Encounter With Anunnaki King Marduk”, But also due to the UFO activity that has been going on there at least since the 1800s. Sometimes people get superstitious, and when they sit on the porch after dark, they imagine they see things. But everything is different with Lake Erie; the UFO activity there has been published in the Media since back in the 1800s! So something is going on there.

Why Michael Lee Hill's Anunnaki Encounter Was Silenced?
The Lake Erie UFOs as presented on ’19 Action News’.

However, if it wasn’t for Michael Lee Hill, perhaps the phenomena taking place there would only get a headline or two, and then withdraw from people’s memories again. Some UFO enthusiasts would point it out, but after a while, it would have been ‘debunked’ by some infiltrated UFO organization, the Military, the Government, or someone else.

When Michael came into the picture in 2006 and started spreading the message of what he was seeing, anyone who had the agenda to debunk such experiences was working overtime! The UFOs Hill saw and filmed were explained as airplanes, fireworks, China fireworks blown off by party people, atmospheric phenomena, illusions, delusions, and … the reader gets it; it was the whole spectrum. And when Hill went on National TV with his experiences, the ‘debunkers’ were there, trying to talk him down.

Michael Lee Hill’s Groundbreaking UFO Encounters

But he also got support from unexpected places, by people who helped back up his story, and the more Michael dug into this whole UFO phenomenon out on the lake, the deeper the rabbit hole went, it seemed. It eventually went so far that his projects were getting sabotaged by ‘Higher Up’, so to speak. Hill is quite a determined man, and he doesn’t give up easily. Not so this time, either. When he noticed he’d run into a wall, and no one wanted to touch his story with a ten-foot pole, afraid of ‘something’, he didn’t lose hope!

Why Michael Lee Hill's Anunnaki Encounter Was Silenced?
Michael Lee Hill on stage, Nov. 2011. Michael is also a gifted guitar player.

I would strongly suggest the reader reads (or reviews, in case you have read it before) the article I wrote on, “Michael Lee Hill’s Encounter With Anunnaki King Marduk”, and then return here and continue with this next section. By doing this, the reader gets a much better picture of what this is all about.

The Spike TV Documentary Shutdown: Censorship or Conspiracy?

Now, After years of having spotted and reported giant multicolored orb-shaped UFOs over Lake Erie (close to where he lives), Michael Lee Hill thought it was time to tell the rest of the story. Around March 2012, he and Spike TV got in touch with each other, and Spike TV was willing to do a documentary on Michael Lee Hill’s experiences. Michael was thrilled, because there was a huge budget involved, and they even had an actor (Andrew) who was going to play the young Michael in the documentary.

So everything was not only planned, but the whole film project started and kept rolling. The film team came to Michael’s house and checked out the surroundings, Michael showed them exactly where the sightings had taken place, and the creative discussions began on how everything should be done. It all looked very promising!

Why Michael Lee Hill's Anunnaki Encounter Was Silenced?
Photo of the Spike TV team outside Michael’s residence in July, 2012.

A very inspiring project was then in the works, and during a six months period, from March to October 2012, Spike TV worked closely together with Michael to get the story just right. Michael worked very hard, and like I said, there was a huge budget set aside for this, because there had been so many sightings over Lake Erie over a long period, and Michael is the one who has collected the most evidence of what is occurring over Lake Erie.

Then, all of a sudden, in October Michael was told by Spike TV that they unfortunately had to terminate the project! He just couldn’t believe it, when everything went so well! He asked why they had come to such a decision, but the answer was vague and he was told that his story was just “too big”. It had been decided by authorities (in this case, probably Viacom) that the filming should stop and the team return home.

Michael was devastated. He had spent six intense months of his life, not only working hard together with the Spike TV team, but he had also literally been tortured by being put through a lie detector test by the Chief of Police of the New York Police Department (some of the documentary was filmed in New York. In addition, he hadn’t requested one single cent in exchange and had given all his research into the Lake Erie UFO Story to Spike TV.

Michael felt betrayed and said “This is my life and what has happened”, and it could have been a great opportunity for the world to really understand the bigger story of what is happening in the Great Lakes area. Someone did not agree that this story should be told, and as we move along we will understand just how big this story is!

Now, this would be bad if it was a single occurrence, but unfortunately, there is more. In October, the same month the Spike TV project was closed down, the annual popular ‘Pythagoras Conference’ was supposed to be held in Kentucky. Every year it has a lot of prominent speakers in physics, astronomy, archeology, quantum physics, and controversial subjects such as exopolitics (the study of extraterrestrial species), paranormal phenomena, and the spiritual evolvement of the human species.

Two of the guest speakers were supposed to be Dr. A.R. Bordon of ‘Life Physics Group California (LPG-C) and Michael Lee Hill. It is my understanding that Dr. Bordon was going to speak on the incoming Planet X (Ša.AM.e), the Wave of the Supernova, and the importance for humankind to claim our sovereignty as a biokind (biological entity).

Michael, on the other hand, had planned to continue on his mission to tell his story to a larger audience. He was happy because now he had both Spike TV and the Pythagoras Conference going at the same time. He felt he was starting to get his message out (this was before Spike TV closed the project down).

The Pythagoras Conference Debacle: Silencing the Truth?

Sandra Sabatini, a friend of both A.R.’s and Michael Lee Hill’s, is a great Pythagoras Conference enthusiast and spends a lot of time, and her savings, on this project. As the reader can see, it was scheduled to have some quite well-known guest speakers; many in the alternative field. It was going to be held on October 10-14, 2012, and had quite a few corporate and media sponsors. Sandra herself had put a six-figure dollar amount of her own money into this project. Being in contact with Michael, Dr. Bordon, and others connected with LPG-C, I know that everybody was very excited about this event.

Why Michael Lee Hill's Anunnaki Encounter Was Silenced?
Advertisement for the ‘Pythagoras Conference, October 10-14, 2012.

However, this event was, just like the Spike TV project, canceled. This conference was even canceled at the last minute! An upset Sandra Sabatini wrote on the LPG-C Facebook page on October 5,

It is indeed sad to see the Pythagoras Conference Global be suppressed as, in retrospect, we see it was these last few days. 

The conference that was due to begin on 10th October 2012 would have been one of the most daring and explicit venues for bringing out information concerning forthcoming natural events that are said to affect the entire world. This is not to be, as if invisible minds and hands had declared our conference unworthy, even dangerous to the public for giving an outlet to presumed “fringe elements,” as we’ve heard through the internet grapevine to be the case. 

Let it be publicly known that we at Pythagoras take pride in carefully selecting speakers who are informed in their areas of specialty, and who are recognized in their fields and on the internet as knowledgeable and respected people. This year we had selected a corps of such caliber of speakers. 

But the invisible minds and hands denied our public, indeed, the American people, access to what our speakers would have shared with everyone at the venue and through the internet. Fringe elements or not, there are too many indications in the collective unconscious, the religious aware, the spiritually open, and the humanist with a conscience that difficult times are coming. 

We at Pythagoras can err on the side of caution, and include information of this nature in the course of the conference, or err on the side of safety and leave such topics out of the domain of the gathering. We chose to include that kind of information because it is the right thing to do. If there is indeed something coming our way and it will present a sudden and unexpected severe challenge to all of us – humankind – we the people need to know. 

This is not intended, directly or indirectly, as an indictment of official government for a suppression we are now learning is being carried out by officially connected rogue but emotionally disconnected individuals from the sum total of all of us – not just in this country. 

We are also now learning through the grapevine in the USA that those executing this operation are yet unidentified former intelligence and military officers. If these individuals are acting on behalf of the public good, it means their actions have official sanction. And the viewpoint that propels their action is not only misguided, but also grossly uninformed – or perhaps even disinformed. If they act without official sanction, this borders on the criminal. Let’s examine briefly what it is they are suppressing.

The sad part may also be that official science may not know or have the means to forecast the occurrence of dangerous levels of radiant energies coming to us from space to do any public good. Even a half hour notice to the unprepared is not only insufficient, but useless. Public preparation to meet such a challenge was to be one of the hot topics in the conference, which now is not to be. 

We are further learning that the aim of this campaign was the suppression of the freedom of speech of specific individual presenters at the conference. The reasons are obscure to us at this time. 

We now are learning that by giving sanctuary and a platform for speaking to these individuals, this conference is now not to be. 

How was this phenomenon accomplished? The only answer that occurs to us is that this was a well-planned and intelligently executed campaign laid out most likely months in advance. 

It may also have involved an unofficial intervention in the setup of the conference itself. Why would the venue itself breach its own agreement with our company by demanding complete prepayment instead of the agreed net-30 payment scheduled and agreed well in advance? This was in fact the death knell to the conference itself. Coming up with a sum nearly six-figures large on such short notice was near impossible, and it was. 

We now publicly ask: why? Why suppressed this conference?

One of the strengths of our conference is the willingness to be inclusive and allow points of view and information sources to surface for the consideration of the larger whole – our society and the world. What is valid and evident always rises to the top, a cream of the conference crop for the year. But this year, it seems now that both the topics and select few individuals were targeted, and the only ones we can think of are related to topics regarding the challenges presented by forthcoming natural events. 

In our view, this is as good as throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This information is bound to come out on other venues, other media, other times. Eventually, valid information finds the light of day. In the meantime, what has been done to Pythagoras has repercussions well beyond that intended by the actions of these rogue elements. This is indeed a crass suppression of our right to hear and know. The baby thrown out with the bathwater cannot be allowed to wither and die.

Additional information will be released soon, humanity has a right to know the truth.

By Sandra D. Sabatini

Reading Sandra’s announcement makes it quite clear that someone didn’t want this conference to happen. The venue broke its own agreement with the arranging management by demanding a complete prepayment instead of the net 30 (percent I would presume) that was agreed upon in advance. By doing so, the venue knew it would kill the project. No valid reason for changing the agreement has been given to Sandra or anybody else.

Further down in the announcement, Sandra says that “it seems now that both the topics and a select few individuals were targeted”. She doesn’t mention those targeted individuals by name, but afterward, it became obvious which individuals, foremost, she is hinting at here, namely Dr. A.R. Bordon and Michael Lee Hill!

Michael is double disappointed and quite angry, to tell the truth. He is furious that Sandra, who invested such a huge amount of her savings, had to experience this, but he is also bringing up another aspect of this. He says that the only common denominator between the closing down of the Spike TV project and the Pythagoras Conference is himself — Michael Lee Hill!

Why is that? On both occasions, Michael was not only going to talk about the Lake Erie UFO sightings but was also planning on letting the rest of his story reach the public. He is quite sure that it’s this additional information that the ‘authorities’ want to stop from coming out in the open. 

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