Enoch and his Journey to heaven

Enoch: The Mysterious Missing Prophet from Abraham’s Lineage

There was a great prophet of old, whose story is notably absent from the Bible. He was such an important prophet in Abraham’s lineage that the Bible only briefly mentioned him in a few verses before moving on to other prophets. He is none other than Enoch.

This Prophet is so significant that a full scripture has been dedicated to him. However, due to an incompatible variance with the biblical narrative that the church wishes to play out, his entire book has been excluded from the Bible and thus labeled non-canonical.

By now I’m sure you figured out who I’m talking about. Yes, you guessed correctly! He was known as Enoch, Noah’s great-grandfather.

The Bible scripture that talks about Enoch is Genesis 5:21-24. The King James version states,

“And Enoch lived 65 years and begot Methuselah. And Enoch walked with God after he begot Methuselah 300 years and begot sons and daughters. And all the days of Enoch were 360 and 5 years. And Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him.”

Genesis 5:21-24, The King James version
Enoch: The Mysterious Missing Prophet from Abraham's Lineage
By illustrators of the 1728 Figures de la Bible, Gerard Hoet (1648–1733) and others, published by P. de Hondt in The Hague in 1728 – Public Domain,

That was all the Bible had to say about the story of this very important man. However, the Book of Enoch had longer, more detailed, and fascinating details.

Now the topic of his book is so big that it is impossible to cover in one Article. However, I will concentrate on his journey to heaven and give the chronology of events that happened as he planned to go to heaven and his first trip to Heaven.

Enoch: The Mysterious Missing Prophet from Abraham's Lineage
Enoch: The Mysterious Missing Prophet from Abraham’s Lineage

The Dream of Enoch

Enoch had a son named Methuselah when he was 200 years old and he lived another 165 years before his expected death. Enoch had a terrible dream one day while sleeping at home. This dream worried him so much that he didn’t understand what it meant. He saw two powerful men who looked like Angels appear to him as he had difficulty in understanding his dream and what was happening to him.

These angels had sunlike faces and eyes that looked like burning lamps. They spew fire from their mouths and their clothing makes sweet melodious music. They also had golden wings and very white hands like snow.

These angels stood over Enoch in his room and called his name. Enoch awoke from his sleep to meet these Angels standing in his room in real life. Enoch panicked with great fear as his countenance changed at the sight of these angels. The Angels then calmed him down and told him not to be afraid but be happy because the almighty God had sent them to come and carry him to Heaven that very day. He was to ascend to a glorious place. They told him to inform his sons and other relations about his flight to Heaven before they will leave together.

He was to instruct his household to understand that God needed his attention and they should not panic or bother to look for him while was away. Enoch took this instruction serious and immediately called out his sons Methuselah, Reim and GAA and told them of his encounter with the angels and their information about his summon to Heaven by God Almighty.

Enoch: The Mysterious Missing Prophet from Abraham's Lineage
illustrating Genesis 5:24 “Enoch walked with God; then was no more, because God took him away” Public Domain.

How Enoch Instructed His Sons to Behave in His Absence

Enoch then told his sons that he does not know the place he will be going or what will happen to him as he goes away with the angels. He was just obeying the instructions from God himself through his mighty Angels. He told them to keep serving God and doing what is right before God so that God will keep blessing them. He also admonished them to keep offering sacrifices to God and not to turn away from God and do evil. He prayed for his children that they should succeed in all their life endeavors here on Earth.

How the Angels Took Enoch to the First Heaven

After Enoch has concluded instructing his sons on how to live their lives in his absence, the Angels took him up in their wings and carried him to the first Heaven above the clouds. After getting to the first Heaven, Enoch noticed the difference in the atmospheric conditions there as compared to that of the earth as the Angels kept moving with him upwards above the clouds. He noticed as they go higher up, the environment changes. He could see the oceans and landscape there so different from the one here on Earth. He could also see more beautiful sceneries above the skies.

The Angels Who Govern the Skies

As they kept going upwards with the angels, they reached a place where 200 Angels are called the rulers of the Stellar orders or simply the elders. These angels govern the stars and other heavenly bodies. Enoch could see them flying around and patrolling the skies in the heavens day and night without stopping.

The Angels that Guard the Storehouse of the Snow

After that instance, they carried Enoch to the storehouse of the snow. Here also there were Angels who guard the stores of the snow and The Treasure of the clouds. These Angels fly in and out of the storehouse daily to keep watch over the treasures.

The Vessels of Oil and Flowers

The angels and Enoch kept moving higher up. They reached the Treasures of the dew like olive oil. Here the image of treasure is like that of many beautiful flowers. Here also the angels that guard the treasure kept on opening and shutting the treasures as they go in and out daily.

Enoch was Taken to the Second Heaven

The Angels took Enoch to the second heaven where they showed Enoch a place of great darkness that is darker than any kind of Darkness here on Earth. This is a place of horror and torment. Enoch saw some prisoners under guards hanging and waiting for various judgment. These were the fallen angels that were being punished for their sins of rebellion. The Angels were being tormenting day and night and they cry out in pain daily.

Enoch then asked the Angels carrying him who were these angels being punished and they replied him that they were the angels that had turned away from God and did not obey God’s commandment but willfully plotted an Insurrection against God Almighty with other Angels who were also restrained in the fifth Heaven.

Enoch felt sorry for them as he saw them while the Fallen Angels on seeing Enoch also knew he was a man of God. They pleaded with him to pray for them and to ask God to forgive them. Enoch answered them and said, “Who I am that I should pray for Angels? I am just a mortal man and how can I pray for angels that are Immortal? I don’t even know where I am going now or what will happen to me when I get there.”

Enoch in the Third Heaven

The Angels then took Enoch to the third heaven, a place that looks pleasing to the eyes. It was a paradise with many trees full of flowers and ripe fruits all over smelling nice and pleasant. In the midst of the garden was the Tree of Life where the Lord sits whenever he enters paradise. The Tree of Life stood different in class and Beauty from all the other trees in the garden.

It is Scarlet in color with a sweet fragrance and is protected with the shape of fire from every angle that encompasses the entire Paradise. This tree also has elements of all the other fruits of the garden trees. Its origin lies in the paradise at the entrance to the Earth.

The Corruptible and the The Incorruptible in Heaven

And two streams emerge, one of which yields milk and honey while the other yields wine and oil and it is divided into four sections, each of which moves silently about the Tree of Life between the corruptible and The Incorruptible streams as they emerge into Eden’s paradise and after then they go on to split into 40 places like the other atmospheric components undergoing a revolution in their cycle as they descend along the surface of the Earth.

There are no trees that don’t bear fruits there. Every tree Bears good fruit and all the places are blessed there. There are 300 exceedingly intelligent angels that watch over the paradise and they constantly praise the Lord with joyful singing and unceasing voices. Enoch was so excited about everything he saw that he exclaimed, “How lovely is this place!”

What the Angels Told Enoch About the Paradise

The angels that brought him up called him and said, “Enoch, this place has been prepared for the righteous, those who experience calamities of every type in their lives and not those who torment their souls, those who do not turn a blind eye to injustice but administer just judgment to others, those who feed the poor with bread and those who dress the naked, those who assist those who are down the hurt and the orphans, those who exhibit flawless conduct in the presence of the Lord and those who chose to worship and praise him. This is the location that has been prepared for them as an eternal inheritance for the kind of life they lived on earth.”

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